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How to avoid common Missouri motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence on the roads of Missouri, but there are ways motorcyclists and other drivers can avoid them.

The most common type of accident is a "fender bender." This type of accident is very minor in nature for two vehicles, but it can kill a motorcyclist. It can be difficult to see a motorcycle for other drivers, which is why motorcyclists need to take matters into their own hands. When approaching a red light, pull to the side or in front of a stopped vehicle and wave, using it as a buffer zone from other approaching traffic.

A common motorcycle accident occurs when a motorcyclist is hit with a door opened on a parked car. The best way to avoid this accident is to never ride between an active lane of traffic and parked cars. When alone in a lane that is right next to parked cars, ride closer to the left side of the lane than to the parked cars.

Ever wonder why you don't see many motorcycles on the roads when it is raining or snowing? The main reason is the conditions are just not safe for riding, but why get wet just to ride the motorcycle? If you must absolutely ride your motorcycle in inclement weather, be sure to avoid manhole covers and oil slicks. Manhole covers become incredibly slippery when it rains or snows. Oil slicks can be seen by a rainbow that appears on the road.

When riding in a group, make sure your riding buddies are experienced and know the etiquette of the road. You don't want to hit the road with people who are not concerned with safety. Always ride in a staggered pattern and if your friends aren't responsible, simply ride alone to avoid any issues.

Always wear the proper safety gear when using your motorcycle, including a helmet and bright colored clothing so you are easily seen.

If you suffer injuries in a motorcycle accident that is not your fault, an experienced personal injury attorney can guide you through seeking compensation in Missouri.

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