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Trucker says God was responsible for Missouri accident

A Mountain Grove, Missouri, man was charged with second-degree murder in a fatal trucking accident that killed a West Plains couple. The fatal crash involved two semitrucks and a pickup and occurred at 3:45 p.m. at the intersection of U.S. 60 and Clinton Avenue on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017.

In its report, the Missouri State Highway Patrol cites witnesses attesting to having seen a single semitruck being driven by Kansas City man followed closely by a pickup truck at a red light in the westbound lane. Accounts of a tractor-trailer quickly approaching the intersection behind the two vehicles were reported next.

The ensuing accident involved the second 18-wheeler operator approaching the intersection and coming into contact with the rear of the pickup, crushing him between the two tractor-trailers. The 43-year-old female and 47-year-old male were instantly killed as a result of their involvement in the accident.

Reasons prosecutors decided to charge the trucker thought to be responsible for the fatal crash are many. In questioning him about his efforts to avert the crash, the trucker allegedly stated to authorities that, "God caused him to do that." He later conceded that his truck failed to respond as he applied the brakes.

An Illinois trucker who witnessed the accident says he noted the trucker looked agitated speaking on his cellphone as he approached the intersection, something he tried to stop by radioing to him using his CV. He also said he appeared to make no attempt to stop as he approached the intersection in the right lane.

As of the following Thursday, the trucker alleged to have been responsible for causing the fatal crash was booked in jail pending the posting of a $750,000 bond. He faces life in prison with the chance of parole if convicted of two second-degree murder counts.

In the meantime, investigators are still taking witness statements. They are also reviewing all phone and other digital evidence taken from the scene.

If you know someone who has fallen victim to a distracted or mentally incompetent driver, a Missouri wrongful death attorney can provide the necessary counsel you need to understand your rights as it relates to filing a claim.

Source: ky3.com, ""God told me to do it": Truck driver faces murder charges for crash in Seymour," Linda Russell, Jan. 27, 2017

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