Get involved with child's education to help your custody case

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Missouri dads might want to know that the testimony provided by your child’s teachers can have a profound impact on your child custody case, according to a recent report. Oftentimes the court calls teachers in to testify on issues regarding parental involvement in the educational aspects of their children’s lives. In determining a father’s rights in child custody and parenting time the judge will factor in whether or not a parent is involved in the child’s school and participates in any educational decision making responsibilities.

Getting involved with your child’s education can pay off in a multitude of ways, including boosting your child custody case if you are going through a divorce. Too often when parents are separated during a divorce the school only contacts one parent to arrange parent-teacher conferences and other parent-involved school activities.

Since it is usually the mother who volunteers to assist in the classroom, field trips or carpool it can make a big impact when dad does it. When a dad participates in such events it usually sticks out in the teachers minds because it doesn’t happen nearly as often. Make sure you are involved in your child’s education as much as possible.

As in many cases of temporary non-custodial parenting agreements your time with your child is limited to maybe one school night per week. This can be difficult to assist your child with homework and other assignments on a regular basis; however it is important to make a consistent effort to do so. When teachers see your signature on forms and homework it makes a difference. If your children’s teachers get used to seeing you at school activities and dropping off or picking up your kids and really demonstrating your involvement with your children’s education it can make a big impression on the judge as well.

Sign up for parent-teacher conferences, offer to volunteer at the school and inquire about other ways you can get involved. The additional bonding time you experience with your children along with the furthering of their education will benefit you and your children in multiple ways. And it can go a long way in showing the judge how your parenting time is nothing but beneficial to your children’s overall educational growth and wellbeing.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Want Custody Of Your Kids? Get Involved With Their School!” Joseph E. Cordell, March 8, 2012-03-12

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