What you need to know to win your divorce case

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The United States legal system is not designed to give you more than you had before you entered into it. Going through litigation when you divorce should be your last resort, however when spouses cannot agree, especially in high-asset divorce cases, it may be necessary to have a judge decide the final outcome. Here are some tips for Missourians when you must make your case in court.

When you want something from your future ex and he or she simply will not agree to give it to you, or you want better results than your spouse is offering, you must be able to prove a certain set of facts in the courtroom in order for the judge to warrant giving it to you. You must also have the law on your side and resist the temptation to say or do something that might sway the judge to not want to rule in your favor. This is where you do have a little control over your case.

It is important to keep in mind that once the trial starts there is only person you need to convince and that’s the judge. You hired an attorney to worry about such things as evidence, the law and the presentation of your case. Your only concern should be to present yourself in court as a reasonable and credible person.

When in court watch your body language and facial expressions, such as rolling your eyes, scowling or smirking. Do not make it appear as if you know the person testifying on behalf of your spouse is lying by making faces. Do not pass notes to your divorce attorney when he or she is addressing the court or questioning a witness.

If you simply understand that it is the law that is in question, not your sense of justice, what is right or wrong or that the outcome should be based on your personal beliefs things will be easier for you. Have faith in your choice of an attorney and accept that the law applies as it is written and not how you wish it to be. Lastly, accept your attorney’s advice whether or not you agree with it. That is one of the reasons it is so important to select a divorce attorney who understands your goals as well as how to align them with the law in your case.

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