Katy Perry's divorce from Russell Brand is final

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Missouri residents may be interested to learn that the end of the marriage of Katy Perry and Russell Brand has officially arrived. The couple’s divorce became final six months after the parties reached a divorce settlement in February. Unlike many celebrity couples, Perry and Brand have had a remarkably amicable divorce. Although both stars have considerable assets and income, especially Perry, the parties never entered into a prenuptial agreement.

This could have been a very costly mistake for Perry in particular, because Brand could have claimed an entitlement to half of what Perry earned during their marriage, making property division a complex process. He also could have claimed an interest in the $6.5 million home that the parties purchased during the marriage. Brand did not request any money at all from his wife.

Although it was fortunate for everyone concerned that these celebrities were able to settle their differences in an amicable manner without a prenuptial agreement, this is not always the case. A prenuptial agreement can be a very useful tool for protecting one’s assets and one’s property that was acquired prior to the marriage.

This type of agreement details how assets, property and debts will be divided should a divorce occur. Many individuals shy away from this document, fearing that they will interfere with the romantic feelings of their future spouse. However, discussing one’s finances openly prior to one’s marriage benefits both parties. This can save a tremendous amount of money in fees and expenses as well as help the parties avoid the stress that accompanies litigious divorces.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Katy Perry Divorce Final From Russell Brand,” July 16, 2012

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