Missouri T-bone accident critically injures 3 people

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In the blink of an eye, lives can be changed for the worse when a simple car drive turns into a dangerous T-bone accident. Few people expect to find their lives in danger when simply traveling on city streets. However, a Missouri T-bone accident recently put three people in critical condition after two cars collided. The accident took place on a Sunday afternoon and totaled both cars, not to mention seriously injuring several people.

Missouri authorities are investigating the potential cause of the car accident. Preliminary evidence seems to indicate that a man driving a Chevy truck was in the process of traveling westbound along a roadway. Apparently a Toyota sedan was exiting a bank parking lot and pulled into his path.

At that point, the truck was said to have T-boned the Toyota. Authorities say that the collision forced the Toyota to careen across the road toward a Cadillac dealer’s parking lot. The two occupants of the Toyota were a man and woman in their 60s. Both they and the truck’s driver were critically injured and transported to an area hospital.

A police spokesperson stated that it could take several weeks for the accident reconstruction report to be finalized. Depending upon the results of that report, it may become appropriate for one or more parties in this T-bone accident to file a personal injury claim. Missouri law provides the opportunity for injured parties to pursue damages for medical bills and other expenses in cases where it can be proven that another party’s negligence caused or contributed to an accident causing serious injury.

Source: Ballwin-Ellisville Patch, “3 Critically Injured in Two-Car Crash on Manchester Road,” Kurt Greenbaum, Aug. 20, 2012

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