Father allegedly abducts kids, sails away on yacht

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Emotions run high in a child custody case, particularly when there are allegations of abuse or other maltreatment. Occasionally, this can lead to one parent taking matters into his or her own hands. Just such a case occurred recently in California when a man allegedly took his two children and absconded with them on a yacht.

A California man is accused of kidnapping his children, a three-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son, earlier this month. The man stated that the kidnapping was to protect them from living in an abusive environment with their mother. He allegedly took the children from their maternal grandmother’s house and used a stolen yacht to escape with them. He and the kids were on the yacht for three days.

He says he decided to put an end to the scheme when he sailed past the Golden Gate Bridge and he realized that he had not determined a destination for the escape. Authorities caught up with him; he was still sailing three days after the alleged abduction. Law enforcement officers towed him to shore. Despite the man’s claims, he has never filed a claim of abuse against the children’s mother in any court, and it is unclear from the report whether the couple was ever married.

While the children were missing, the mother was granted temporary sole custody of the children. The father greatly hurt his case for visitation by putting the children through this ordeal. He is currently awaiting trial on charges that include kidnapping, child endangerment and parental abduction.

Source: Associated Press, “Calif. father accused of taking 2 kids speaks out,” Sept. 12, 2012

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