Estranged wife battles drug charges, regains child visitation

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After being accused of drug possession and child abuse charges, the estranged wife of California’s state treasurer has won back visitation rights to her 9-year-old son. The treasurer’s estranged spouse had allegedly been found in possession of methamphetamine in her home, where she was staying with her son.

An Orange County judge has directed that the woman be allowed to meet with her children the presence of the child’s father. The suspect has temporary rights to speak to the boy on the phone too. The modification will take effect until the court is satisfied with the suspect’s rehabilitation progress although it is not clear whether prosecutors are willing to push for child custody proceedings. For now, the boy will stay under his father’s legal custody, but it is not clear whether the father will be filing for divorce.

The woman’s prosecution began following a raid on her residence where the drugs are alleged to have been found. She pleaded not guilty on charges of drug possession, child neglect and endangerment by keeping harmful substance in the house where she was staying with her son.

In situations where the court systems have modified existing laws to cater to people in trouble with the law for other reasons in cases of child custody, it is imperative to engage an attorney who is well versed with child custody modification. Due to the psychological ramifications of such matters, a speedy settlement is critical for the best interests of the child and other related parties.

Source: Associated Press, “Calif. treasurer’s wife regains child visitation,” Sept. 10, 2012