Man loses life in Missouri truck accident; Alcohol involved?

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Many people often rush to the conclusion that truck accidents are automatically the fault of the truck drivers involved in such an incident. Sometimes, however, truck drivers fall prey to the negligent actions of others. One such Missouri commercial driver recently lost his life in a truck accident, apparently through no fault of his own. Authorities believe that fog, early morning darkness and alcohol played a part in this fatal truck accident.

Authorities reported that they believed a driver whose car was disabled on the highway was intoxicated. The driver of a box truck came upon the car in the fog and swerved to avoid it. His rig overturned onto the guardrail, although that truck’s driver did not suffer injury.

Unfortunately, the driver of a tractor trailer which soon after came upon the accident was not so lucky. He also swerved to avoid the vehicle on the road but hit both the car and box truck. Authorities believed that the man died upon impact. They further said that the driver of the car was taken to a hospital for treatment and interviewed by police officials.

While the drivers of the car and box truck are fortunate to be alive, the family of the slain tractor trailer driver must now adjust to life without him. The fact that alcohol was apparently involved in the truck accident may serve as another blow to them. There are probably financial costs associated with their loved one’s death, from funeral costs to trying to get by without the truck driver’s salary. For that reason, the family retains the right under Missouri law to press forward with a wrongful death claim based on evidence of negligence that led to the tragic fatality. Evidence that the driver was intoxicated may help establish that the car driver was negligent in a manner that led to the death of the truck driver.

Source: Eureka-Wildwood, MO Patch, “1 Dead in I-44 Accident Near Six Flags; Road Blocked,” Julie Brown Patton, Sept. 27, 2012

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