Man faces felony charges for failing to pay child support

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We often hear news stories about violent felony crimes such as assault, battery or murder. Sometimes, however, Missouri authorities bring non-violent felony charges against individuals. One man is now facing extradition from another state to Missouri for allegations that he failed to pay child support. While such allegations may seem less serious in nature than violent crimes, the truth is that any felony allegation can lead to jail time or other significant penalties.

In this particular case, the man was being held in a county jail in another state based upon an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Missouri authorities have charged the man with failing to make child custody payments for more than 12 months, a felony under our state laws. The man reportedly voluntarily gave up his right to have an extradition warrant served in the case. A judge decided that he must remain county jail until he can actually be transported to Missouri.

Once he does make it to Missouri, authorities have set a $20,000 bond requirement in this case. He could end up being sentenced to a year in jail if convicted. However, if it turns out that he does owe the back child support, an agreement to pay any outstanding balance may result in a different outcome.

Whatever the potential penalties should a conviction actually be obtained, the man remains innocent in the eyes of the law for now. Only if authorities successfully prove the felony charges of non-payment of child support will they obtain a conviction in the case. They must do that by presenting clear evidence that meets the stringent burden of proof required in a Missouri court of law. If they can’t meet their high burden of proof, they will fail to make their criminal case against the man, and he will not be subjected to any criminal sanctions.

Source: The Hawk Eye, “Local landlord faces extradition to Missouri,” Michael Anderson, Sept. 27, 2012

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