25 charged in Missouri firearm, drug trafficking case

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Missouri authorities have arrested over two dozen people and accused them of committing drug and firearms crimes. The arrests apparently mark the culmination of a two-year firearm and drug trafficking investigation carried out by government officials. A federal grand jury has reportedly chosen to indict 25 individuals in a total of six criminal cases. Now, the accused individuals will likely need to prepare their criminal defenses in an effort to clear their names.

Investigators allege that they uncovered extensive drug and weapons trafficking in the small Missouri town of St. Joseph. Apparently, authorities first began investigating once an uptick in violent crimes hit the area. Over 100 different law enforcement agencies took part in the apparently intricate operation.

Police officials arrested a group of individuals across a wide variety of ages, ranging from as young as 19 to as old as 55. One area resident expressed concern that such criminal activities could have been taking place in her neighborhood. Community members should keep in mind, however, that just because people are accused of a crime doesn’t mean they actually committed it.

Those who are accused of drug trafficking could face a tough courtroom battle to vindicate their names and reputations. Having an experienced criminal attorney guide them through the process could be a crucial component of their defense. Penalties for conviction of drug crimes are often stiff, and defendants in such cases should be sure that they understand the charges against them as they prepare to fight those allegations.

Source: KCTV5, “Nearly 2 dozen St. Joe residents arrested for drug, firearm trafficking,” Laura McCallister, Chris Oberholtz and Dave Jordan, Oct. 24, 2012