Man facing Missouri burglary and assault charges

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Missouri authorities have accused a 19-year-old man of burglary and assault charges arising from an alleged home burglary that was interrupted by the homeowner. That homeowner purportedly chased the accused burglar out of his home but was injured in a scuffle with the man at the front door. At that point, the man suspected of burglary and assault fled into the woods near the home.

County sheriff’s deputies responded to the call reporting the incident. One went to interview the homeowner while other officers started canvassing the area in attempt to locate the suspect. The deputies were apparently able to obtain a detailed description of what the suspected burglar was wearing and passed that information among themselves.

Not too long after, one deputy believed that a car he saw passing had an occupant who resembled the description of the suspect. He stopped the car and police officials eventually decided they had enough probable cause to first detain the suspect, and later arrest him. Authorities have charged the suspect with a count of felony burglary in the first degree and a misdemeanor count of assault in the third degree.

The burglary and assault suspect remained incarcerated pending a $110,000 bail. The misdemeanor and felony charges he faces could lead to serious penalties, which make it important that he mount a valid and relevant legal defense. One way in which to accomplish that might be to consult with a Missouri attorney who is experienced in representing criminal defendants. Regardless of what decision this defendant makes, community members should keep in mind that he is innocent until–and only if–proven guilty by competent evidence presented by prosecutors.

Source: Macon Chronicle-Herald, “Dixon man charged with burglary, assault,” Oct. 31, 2012

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