Man arrested for Missouri rape 13 years after incident occurred

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Police investigation techniques are getting more sophisticated every year. As a result of these advances, Missouri police are able to investigate crimes that have been unsolved for a significant period of time. Sometimes, the reopened case leads to the apprehension of a suspect. A man is now facing prosecution for a rape at the University of Missouri campus that is alleged to have occurred in 1999.

Police have stated that the rape occurred when the 47-year-old man entered an unlocked dorm room in the early morning hours. Several days later, police released a description of the alleged assailant. Police say that they recently got a substantial lead in the case, which led them to arrest the man.

Police have not released any further information on this lead, as they state that the case is still under active investigation. The man was taken into custody and was being held in jail at last report for lack of a $300,000 bond. A court date for the man has not been disclosed at this time.

Although an arrest has been made in this rape case, Missouri police and prosecutors may have a difficult time proving that this man was the one responsible for carrying out the criminal act alleged. Looking at the evidence gathered at the time that the crime was alleged to have been committed, along with the new evidence that police say links the defendant to the crime, may reveal some inconsistencies that could well raise reasonable doubt as to the man’s culpability. These questions may pose a substantial hurdle for the prosecution and could result in there not being enough credible evidence to secure a conviction.

Source: The Columbia Daily Tribune, “MU police make arrest in 1999 rape case,” Nov. 8, 2012

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