Missouri couple facing fraud charges in two separate cases

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Criminal allegations are very rarely easy for defendants to deal with as they try to go about their daily lives. Unfortunately, sometimes everyday people find themselves confronted by law enforcement officials and must decide whether to fight the allegations made against them. A Missouri husband and wife are discovering this for themselves as they are now facing fraud charges in separate criminal cases authorities have filed against each of them.

The wife in this situation is apparently an insurance broker who has already been charged with allegations ranging from forgery and theft to insurance fraud. Authorities accused the woman of accepting money from her clients for insurance policies that she never actually purchased for them. While police were conducting their investigation, they served a search warrant on the woman’s insurance brokerage firm. During the course of that search they seized tax documents at the office.

Apparently the woman’s husband conducted an income tax preparation business at his wife’s office. The man is now facing serious criminal fraud allegations of his own. According to authorities, they believe that the man was actually stealing tax refund money that should have gone to his customers.

While the fraud charges these two people are facing could lead to serious consequences, it is important to remember that some individuals are not guilty of the allegations made against them. For that reason the American and Missouri justice systems provide every criminal defendant the right to fight such charges. While the burden of proof rests upon the prosecution in such cases, defendants do have the right to vigorously pursue a criminal defense if they so desire.

Source: kmov.com, “Husband, wife charged in separate fraud cases,” Diana Zoga, Nov. 14, 2012

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