It's over: Danica Patrick waves the checkered flag on marriage

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NASCAR driver Danica Patrick announced to her fans on Facebook that she and her husband are splitting up. The divorce comes after seven years of marriage to her husband, a physical therapist. In making the Facebook announcement, Patrick reassured her fan base that she and her husband would remain friends and that there was no animosity between them as a result of the split.

Patrick has garnered national attention for becoming the highest finishing female driver in NASCAR history, ending her season in 10th place. She was also the highest-finishing woman at the Indianapolis 500, with a third-place finish. She began racing at 10 years old and has attracted attention for her racing performance all over the world.

Her decision to announce her divorce via Facebook may be a reflection of the relationship that now exists between high-profile people and their fan bases. Through social media, fans can now follow their favorite celebrities directly, getting up-to-the-minute information on the stars’ activities, including their marital breakups.

However, even for celebrities, some divorce realities are no different than they are for everyone else. Anyone contemplating a divorce, especially if he or she has significant assets, can consult a divorce attorney before making any statements or agreements. It is important for both spouses to have adequate representation to protect their interests and ensure that they are treated fairly in the divorce process. A divorce attorney can work to protect a client from abuse or manipulation at the hands of a spouse or other attorneys.

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