Man accused of planning mass murder facing serious charges

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Missouri readers will be aware of the recent news concerning an alleged attempt of mass murder. The story has received a great deal of media coverage within the state and across the nation, and residents are relieved that a potential violent event has been prevented by law enforcement. A Missouri man is currently facing serious charges in connection with the alleged planned attack. The story demonstrates the responsibility that the community and even family members have in the prevention of violent crime.

Police say that they have arrested and detained a man who planned to shoot random people at both a screening of the recently released ‘Twilight’ movie and at a local Walmart store. The investigation into the incident is still underway. However, police have released statements to the media concerning the case in an effort to calm public reaction to a series of events that could have led to a large-scale tragedy within the state. It appears that the mother of the 20-year-old man contacted police with fears that he was planning a massacre.

The woman told authorities that her son had recently purchased two assault rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. She stated that her son has mental health problems, and was currently not taking his prescribed medication. As a result, the young man was committed to a local hospital for a mental health assessment. As a result of the criminal investigation into the case, he now faces three felony charges, including assault, armed criminal action and making a terroristic threat.

While this is undoubtedly a difficult time for the young man’s family, they appear to have taken the appropriate steps in contacting the authorities in this case. The actions of this young man’s mother may have saved many lives, and may also lead to treatment to address her son’s mental health issues. As the family prepares his legal defense against these serious charges, the focus may be on his mental health and the proper way to both ensure the safety of the community and also help him to receive the treatment that he needs. While no criminal proceeding is desirable for a Missouri family, this story could have had a very different ending if not for the love of a mother for her son.

Source: Fox News, “Missouri man accused in ‘Twilight’ shooting plot was committed in ’09,” Nov. 17, 2012

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