Woman dies in fatal traffic accident in Missouri

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Missouri families who must face the loss of a loved one in a fatal traffic accident may find themselves asking questions as to how such a tragedy could occur. In some cases, the family of a victim may decide to go forward with a wrongful death lawsuit in an effort to answer some of those questions and seek justice for their fallen relative. While this may not be the right decision for every family, for some it can help cover many of the financial losses that are suffered when a loved one dies unexpectedly in a fatal traffic accident.

One such car accident proved fatal for a woman recently. The woman was killed after suffering catastrophic injuries in a three-vehicle car accident. The collision reportedly took place after a truck with four occupants slammed into a van with a female driver. The impact forced the truck into an electrical pole and then spun it into a nearby fence. Meanwhile, the van was flung into the rear of a car; fortunately, the occupant of that vehicle did not require hospitalization.

The female driver of the van was not so lucky and lost her life in the accident. Missouri authorities reported that the truck was actually a stolen vehicle. The driver of that stolen vehicle was a juvenile who had three other young passengers traveling with him at the time. While the driver of that vehicle did face life-threatening injuries in the accident, he is reportedly recovering from them.

The family of the woman who was traveling in her van will not be fortunate enough to welcome home their own relative after a hospital stay. They will likely be struggling with her unexpected loss in this fatal traffic accident for some time to come. There’s not yet any word on whether they will file a wrongful death lawsuit in connection with this case, but it may be one possible option open to them in the future.

Source: St. Joe Channel, “UPDATE: One Dead after Three Vehicle Accident in St. Joseph,” Robert Lowrey, Nov. 29, 2012

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