Man injured while operating a motorcycle recovers in Columbia

Motorcycle accidents can often lead to serious injuries due to the fact that vehicles which collide with them are often larger. Furthermore, the open nature of a motorcycle also makes it more likely that a driver could be seriously injured while operating a motorcycle. One recent Missouri motorcycle accident sent a man to University Hospital in Columbia for treatment of injuries that included pelvic injuries and a broken wrist, elbow and leg. The man was taken to Rusk Rehabilitation in Columbia once he was discharged from the other facility.

Police officials report that the accident took place after a car attempted a left turn into the path of the motorcycle. Both of the vehicles were so badly damaged that they required towing. Each of the drivers also had to be transported to receive medical care for injuries sustained in the collision.

Authorities expect that the man will need to be at the rehab center for at least two weeks due to the severity of his injuries. He normally works as a service station manager but obviously will have to refrain from engaging in his typical duties for quite some time as he recuperates from this accident. This could cause some financial difficulties for the man, something that may only add to the stress he may already be experiencing.

This is one reason why personal injury laws were created, to help those who have been injured while operating a motorcycle. Missouri accident victims who have been injured due to the apparent negligence of another driver may be able to sue to recover damages for expenses they have incurred in such an accident. To succeed in making such a claim, they will need to present evidence that another person’s actions rose to the level of negligence and caused or contributed to the motorcycle accident that injured them.

Source: Moberly Monitor-Index, “Accident Reports,” Chuck Embree, Dec. 24, 2012

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