Woman facing drug distribution charges in Missouri

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Being accused of committing drug crimes can lead to serious penalties that can include jail time along with monetary fines, if a criminal conviction should result. One Missouri woman was recently faced with drug distribution charges in connection with Valium pills. Authorities allege that she tried to sell 10 of the pills to an informant who was working for police.

At the time of the allegedly drug sale, the woman was reportedly pushing a stroller that held one child while another child was walking alongside her. Reports do not indicate whether the children were the woman’s own or if she was caring for someone else’s children. Regardless, officials maintain that the woman traded the anti-anxiety medication to the police informant in exchange for $30.

This investigation marked a cooperative drug operation conducted by the Perry County Sheriff’s Department along with the Southeast Missouri Drug Task Force and the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Authorities arrested the woman recently for the crime of felony drug distribution, although the alleged drug sale actually took place back in June. She is being held in Perry County on a $10,000 cash bond.

Now the woman will be faced with deciding whether she wishes to fight the drug distribution charges or reach a plea agreement with prosecutors. While the burden of proof rests upon the government’s figurative shoulders, some defendants decide that they can receive a more favorable outcome if they negotiate with authorities. Each defendant must make this choice based upon the circumstances in each individual case and after ensuring that they fully understand the relevant laws and penalties that they are facing.

Source: seMissourian.com, “Perryville woman arrested on drug-distribution charges,” Dec. 28, 2012

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