How to tell it is time for divorce

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The decision to divorce is never easy. It can involve changing homes, jobs or even locations, and it may bring financial difficulties as well as emotional distress. However, there are times when divorce really is the best option to solve relationship problems. When counseling has not worked and two people can no longer live together, divorce may be the only reasonable option.

There are some tell-tale signs that divorce is imminent. For one thing, when communication stops altogether, it is a reliable sign that working problems out may not be feasible. Loss of communication usually goes along with loss of respect and a wish to be alone rather than with your partner. In some cases, partners may feel that they are only in a relationship because they prefer to deal with known problems rather than unknown problems.

In some cases, abuse is a factor in a relationship. No one should have to live with physical, emotional or mental abuse, and sometimes a divorce is the only way to put a stop to this type of behavior. Staying together to benefit the children or because you are willing to subvert your own needs is also not a sustainable or healthy recipe for marital success.

A divorce attorney can explain the implications of divorce, including the financial consequences. While it may be difficult to decide to end a relationship, the process is a little easier if you have solid information from a legal professional regarding how a divorce will impact your life and the possible advantages or disadvantages you will experience if you decide to proceed.

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