Man faces drunk driving charge after Missouri police pursuit

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A man from another state is now facing a drunk driving charge in Missouri after an alleged police pursuit. The vehicle was allegedly stolen south of Missouri but then crossed over into our state. Police authorities managed to stop the vehicle in Macon County, Missouri and the man is now facing a drunk driving charge, along with several other criminal allegations.

Officials maintain that the 42-year-old man stole a vehicle in another state before crossing into Missouri. Missouri Highway Patrol officers were then requested to assist a Randolph County sheriff’s deputy that was pursuing the man. Authorities were able to stop the man in Macon County thanks to stop sticks that were placed over the road.

When police ran the license plate, they discovered that it had been reportedly stolen from Little Rock, Arkansas. The man was arrested and along with the drunk driving charge also faces accusations of failing to yield to an emergency vehicle and driving under a revoked license. At last report, he remained incarcerated under a $25,000 cash bond and was set to be arraigned in mid-January.

Individuals facing a drunk driving charge like the man in this case have the right to fight the charges against them. However, they may also choose to negotiate a plea agreement with prosecutors if they feel that this will result in a more positive outcome under their specific circumstances. Whatever they choose, though, community members should keep in mind that they are deemed innocent until and only if proven guilty in a court of law.

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