Columbia car accident causes serious injuries to 1, hurts 2

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Many people fear the potential dangers associated with traveling on the road. Add alcohol into the mix and what should be a straightforward matter of safely getting from point A to point B can become even more dangerous. One recent car accident in Columbia involving multiple vehicles caused serious injuries to one victim and less serious injuries to two others.

Authorities believe that alcohol played a role in the four-car motor vehicle accident. According to Columbia police officials, the chain reaction collision occurred because the purportedly responsible driver did not stop at a traffic light when he should have. Furthermore, they believe he rear-ended one vehicle that had stopped at the westbound traffic light. This set off a series of other collisions.

The driver that authorities believe was responsible suffered minor injuries in the accident. Unfortunately, two of the other drivers were not so lucky. One suffered injuries that were described as being moderate while a third driver sustained serious injuries in the incident.

The three drivers who suffered minor to serious injuries were all transported to an area hospital to receive treatment. It is possible that the driver alleged to have caused the motor vehicle accidents could face criminal charges if police do uncover evidence that alcohol was involved. Regardless, the driver could find himself facing civil penalties should any of the victims who were hurt decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against him. Such a civil action can provide accident victims with a way to recover the medical and other financial damages that they have incurred as a result of a car accident.

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