Common mistakes can wreak divorce havoc

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The process of filing for divorce may seem deceptively simple on paper. However, it may involve substantial financial and psychological stress and is nowhere near as easy as it may at first appear. Avoiding common mistakes that many Missouri residents make when seeking a divorce takes patience, discipline and knowledge.

No one should ever sign a divorce agreement or any other legal document without completely understanding its terms. This may mean seeking the help of a family law attorney. Further, making critical decisions pertaining to the divorce should not be handled when emotions are running high; otherwise, one could end up engaging in an expensive battle over non-essential items.

For spouses who are set on keeping the marital home, moving out can be a bad decision. Similarly, reconciliations should be encouraged but not undertaken unless the issues that led to the separation have been resolved. Withholding information from one’s lawyer is also a quick way to find trouble in one’s divorce negotiations as is disregarding specific orders by the court or failing to comply with settlement terms. Further, a divorcing spouse should never settle for less than the legally sanctioned amount of child support, alimony or other forms of income.

A family law attorney can be a valuable resource for those seeking divorce; he or she may provide advice and assist in negotiations for a fair settlement. It is important for individuals going through a divorce to understand the rights and responsibilities present during the process and to have sound legal advice in order to protect those rights and comply with those obligations to avoid future complications down the road.

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