Fatal accident in Missouri claims 2 lives after rear end crash

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A morning accident involving two tractor trailers, a car, and a pickup truck has taken two lives. The fatal accident occurred on U.S. 60 in the Missouri city of Republic. The drivers of the car and pickup were both killed at the scene of the accident.

A tractor trailer rear ended both vehicles. The impact forced those vehicles underneath a second tractor trailer. Those three vehicles were stopped at a traffic light, and the evidence suggests that the first tractor trailer did not decelerate for the light. This crash caused the highway to be shut down for approximately five hours while an investigation was conducted.

Per Missouri state law, the drivers that survived were administered tests for alcohol. Apparently, there was a fifth vehicle that sustained minor damage as a result of debris from the other vehicles. The driver of the truck is now facing criminal charges. Bail was initially set at $25,000 bond, and the accused man was incarcerated in lieu of payment.

The deceased victims’ families are now facing many financial as well as legal decisions as a result of this fatal accident. Any party involved in a fatal Missouri crash, including the surviving family of those that died, may benefit from gaining an understanding of their rights and responsibilities under our state’s personal injury laws. Regardless of the pending criminal charges, wrongful death claims seeking recovery of monetary damages may be an appropriate remedy. A successfully litigated claim may help in preventing an emotional tragedy from becoming a financial one as well.

Source: Kirksville Daily Express, “Accident fatal for Macon man,” March 28, 2013

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