Boone County deputies: Passenger in car fled during traffic stop

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The Boone County Sheriff’s Department claims that what started as a routine traffic stop on Saturday afternoon led to the arrest of a Columbia, Missouri man on an alleged parole violation. A recent media report suggests that the man may also face some kind of new drug charge, but the story does not provide many details about that new alleged offense.

Law enforcement says that a Boone County deputy sought to pull over a vehicle for an alleged license tag violation. Officials say that a passenger who had been riding in the car jumped out and fled into the neighborhood as the driver of the vehicle slowed down for the traffic stop. Law enforcement apparently gave chase to the man on foot.

Officials say that a K-9 unit was used in search of the alleged missing passenger. The K-9 unit apparently found a man a couple of blocks away from the scene of the traffic stop. The man was in a back yard. Deputies apparently believe that the man who was found could be linked to the vehicle stop.

Authorities say that the man violated his parole and took the man into custody. While the story has hit the news, it is not clear from the news report what deputies base their suspicion of a parole violation upon. However, it appears that authorities may suspect the man of a new drug offense. The man is being held without bond in the parole violation issue, and the media says that no bond has been set on an alleged new drug offense.

People who are on parole or probation can have strict terms and conditions linked to the supervisory status. When allegations of a new criminal offense arise for a person on probation or parole, the legal issues can be complex. Not only does a person face potential impact on the previous charge based upon the probation or parole violation, but the new charges can bring additional exposure to a new criminal sentence.

It is important for a person suspected of a violation to consider seeking the assistance of a Columbia, Missouri criminal defense lawyer for assistance in navigating the complex legal issues that a violation can involve.

Source: ABC 17, “K-9 unit catches marijuana suspect,” Gigi Mann, April 22, 2013

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