Southern Missouri police chief in off-duty motorcycle wreck

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The law generally imposes a duty upon motorists to look out for other drivers and pedestrians. When a driver fails to see other motorists, the results can be devastating. That may sound like preaching to the choir for most Columbia, Missouri residents. But when it comes down to the bottom line, many motorcycle riders know that all too often, a motorcycle wreck involves a driver who simply failed to see a motorcycle.

Many times, a driver may fail to see a motorcycle approaching an intersection. A car can fail to yield and pull into an intersection in front of a bike that has the right of way. In some instances, a driver may attempt a left-hand turn in front of an approaching motorcycle—or any other type of vehicle. But what happens when a rider stops to prepare to make a left-hand turn into a driveway and another vehicle approaches from behind the stopped motorcycle.

That was apparently the issue leading to a motorcycle accident Wednesday afternoon on Highway 32. Law enforcement says that the chief of police of Leadwood, Missouri stopped on Highway 32 to make a left-hand turn into a private drive around 5:00 in the afternoon. The Missouri Highway Patrol says that a 50=year-old Farmington, Missouri man approached the bike from the rear and failed to see the stopped Harley preparing to exit the highway.

The Farmington man’s Ford Ranger slammed into the rear of the Harley, ejecting the off-duty police chief. Authorities say that the motorcycle accident victim suffered serious injuries in the wreck and was airlifted to a hospital. The motorcyclist reportedly suffered a broken leg and contusions in the wreck.

Source: Daily Journal, “Leadwood police chief injured in motorcycle wreck, recovering in hospital,” April 28, 2013

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