Police arrest Centralia woman for assault after noise complaint

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Law enforcement visited the home of a Centralia, Missouri woman twice Monday night before arresting her on suspicion of a string of criminal charges. Police claim that a neighbor had made two noise complaints, bringing law enforcement to the neighborhood. Law enforcement says that on the first visit around 11:30 Monday night, officers could not substantiate the first noise complaint. The neighbor reportedly called back to repeat the complaint, bringing police out a second time.

When officers arrived the second time, police claim that noise was coming from the Centralia woman’s house. In looking into the loud music issue, law enforcement claims that a police officer saw the woman throw a hook at her neighbor. Police claim that the woman had committed assault against her neighbor, but during the encounter, a pile of allegations grew. Authorities accuse the woman of several felonies, including the assault against the neighbor and assault on a police officer—among other offenses.

Police claim that the woman was acting belligerent, yelling at the neighbor and police. The officer had drawn his gun as the woman alleged continued to scream from inside her home. Police claim that the woman later emerged with a bowling pin her hand and walked toward the officer. He says that he holstered his gun when he determined that she had no firearm. But, he claims that the woman took a swing with the bowling pin, missing the officer. He reportedly tackled the woman and placed her under arrest.

She is accused of two counts of first-degree assault—one of those counts alleged first-degree assault of a police officer. She is also charged with two counts of armed criminal action and first-degree trespassing.

The woman apparently was hauled down to the Boone County Jail. Authorities claim that officers discovered a cylinder in the woman’s jail cell containing what police claim is synthetic pot. Authorities added a possession charge based upon the contents of the cylinder. The woman reported posted bond of $125,000 and was released pending further proceedings.

Authorities say that the hook allegedly used against the neighbor is of the type normally used to hang plants. Police allege that the hook grazed the neighbor’s leg, without inflicting injury. The officer says that he could feel the breeze from the bowling pin when the woman swung and missed, and he was not injured.

Generally, allegations of assault do not necessarily require that a person is injured. Similarly, an assault charge does not require that a person has actually made physical contact with another under Missouri law. Assault charges can carry heavy penalties, including lengthy prison sentences upon a conviction. If law enforcement alleges serious physical injury resulted from an assault, the stakes become higher.

Source: Columbia Daily Tribune, “Woman faces charges after run-in with neighbor, police officer,” Brennan David, May 7. 2013

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