NBA guard Steve Nash poses challenge to child support order

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Many Columbia, Missouri residents may be aware that family law issues are generally a function of individual state laws. For instance, child support laws vary from state to state. Calculating child support in one state differs from how other states may arrive at a child support obligation. Missouri family law provides a system of guidelines that apply to child support calculations, but it may be possible to deviate from the guidelines in specific cases.

A recent story from out west may involve a very different argument raised in a child support issue. NBA basketball star Steve Nash reportedly is seeking to have his child support obligation ended, claiming that his ex-wife already has enough money from the couple’s divorce settlement, and continued child support payments will be detrimental to his kids.

Nash reportedly argued in family court that his ex-wife has an extravagant lifestyle and may be prone to spoiling the kids with additional child support payments. He says that he contributes to other expenses, such as medical care, for the kids. That, combined with the large settlement in the couple’s divorce should allow him to avoid paying child support. The judge reportedly agreed with the argument and Nash’s ex-wife, Alejandra Amarilla, has appealed the family court ruling.

The dispute is not the first in family court between the divorced couple. Late last year, Nash sought a ruling to prohibit his ex-wife from moving with her kids to California in an odd child custody dispute. She and the kids still live in Arizona, and the current child support dispute is being handled in that state.

Generally, child support and custody issues are initially handled during the divorce proceeding. But changes in circumstances may occur after a divorce is finalized. Post-divorce modifications related to support and custody orders may become necessary. Generally, under Missouri law, post-divorce modifications must involve a substantial change in circumstances. A Columbia, Missouri family law attorney can assess an individual situation and help explain how the law applies for a parent seeking, or defending against a modification.

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