2 MSU students arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, sex crimes

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Two Missouri State University students are being held on $1 million bonds after a cab driver called police to report that he had dropped two men and a woman at an apartment building in Springfield, Missouri. The taxi driver apparently reported that the woman was “in and out of consciousness,” according to KY3. Police responded to the apartment building and claim to have heard a woman moaning from inside one of the apartments in the building sometime after 2:50 in the morning.

Law enforcement entered the apartment and say that they found the woman in a locked bedroom with one of the two MSU students. Law enforcement says that vomit was found in the room, and the woman says that she did not know the two Saudi men in the apartment. The men are now charged with kidnapping and forcible sodomy in relation to the alleged incident.

The woman claims that she had gone to a bar with her boyfriend. But, she says that her boyfriend remained outside to park the car as she went in the nightclub and had two drinks. She says that the bartender said that the drinks were on the house. It is not clear from the media whatever allegedly became of the woman’s boyfriend that night.

She says that men surrounded her after she downed the drinks and she does not remember much about what went on as the evening progressed. However, she claims that the men grabbed her and she later wound up at the apartment building.

Forcible sodomy is a serious felony-level sexual offense under Missouri law. The charge may arise from a variety of different circumstances that generally must involve some sort of allegations of forcible compulsion. That may involve the use of some substance without an alleged victim’s knowledge that renders the person incapable of consenting to having sex—something commonly referred to in common jargon as “slipping one a Mickey.”

Source: KY3 News, “Two are charged with kidnapping woman at bar, assaulting her at apartment,” Gene Hartley and Jerry Jacob, June 6, 2013

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