Judge denies child custody request in Missouri adoption case

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Generally, adoption cases involve bringing a new member into a family. The proceedings are often filled with joy as people are essentially given a new child in the legal proceeding. But a recent Missouri adoption case took a different turn when a former soldier filed a petition seeking custody and child support payments related to the child involved in the guardianship and adoption proceeding.

The man reportedly is the biological father of the child in the adoption case. Sources say that the man fathered the child when he was 19—the mother of the child was reportedly 14-years-old at the time. The child’s grandparents sought to adopt their grandchild when the alleged father stepped in seeking custody. Sources claim that the former soldier previously had denied paternity of the child.

The Missouri judge reportedly denied the soldier’s petition for custody and child support payments, reasoning that the issues were not properly before the court in the guardianship and adoption case, according to The Associated Press.

A separate hearing reportedly is scheduled for later this year to determine whether the former soldier’s parental rights should be terminated. The child’s grandparents will also have the opportunity to further argue on the subject of their adoption of the child.

Family law issues differ from family to family. General concepts of family law may govern how courts consider an individual case. However, each family law issue is also set in the middle of individual facts. Issues of child support, adoption, paternity and other child-related family law topics can involve complex issues, especially when the underlying facts are also complex.

Source: News Tribune, “ Judge dismisses petition seeking custody of child,” The Associated Press, June 18, 2013

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