Police use Taser at Four Seasons residence, arrest woman for DWI

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Law enforcement in Camden County, Missouri, arrested a woman at a residence in the Village of Four Seasons over the weekend on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Deputies say that the Camden County Sheriff’s Department received a tip that the 26-year-old woman had been driving drunk with a child in her car. Authorities responded to the residence and claim that the woman admitted to having driven earlier. However, officials say that the woman refused to perform a sobriety test. It is not clear if the woman later provided any DWI alcohol sample for testing.

Apparently, law enforcement believes that the woman acted out during the law enforcement investigation. Officers reportedly deployed a Taser device in attempting to get the woman under control. Authorities say that officers tasted the woman three times before placing the woman under arrest. Camden County officials claim that the woman continued to be unruly as she was hauled out to a squad car.

The woman is facing a number of charges in relation to the investigation. She not only faces DWI charges, but also allegations of resisting arrest, assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Some of the charges apparently relate to her encounter with police, while others apparently rely upon the tip that the woman had been driving while intoxicated with a small child in her car.

Any Missouri DWI case can lead to serious consequences for a person accused of drunk driving. A person may face jail time and fines related to the DWI case, if a conviction is later entered. When a person refuses to submit to a chemical test during a DWI investigation, that refusal not only can be used as evidence in the DWI case, but also may have an extended impact upon a person’s driving privileges under Missouri law.

Source: Connect Mid Missouri, “Woman tasted 3 times after driving intoxicated with her child in the vehicle,” June 19, 2013

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