WWE Superstar Randy Orton settles divorce, keeps Missouri home

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When a married couple has accumulated a large amount of assets during the marriage and the marriage breaks down, property division issues may be resolved amicably through negotiation in some cases, while in others, the issues may require litigation. But, high asset divorces may have many other issues that must appropriately be handled in the divorce. Add children, for example, and the issues may add to the emotional stress.

Whether a case is handled amicably or through contested litigation, all of the issues should be addressed. Often, when reading stories about divorce, news reports seem to cover those contentious cases headed toward litigation, or the divorce of a celebrity of some form. Some cases seem to settle rather quickly, and news accounts cover the final agreement.

Whether a case is headed toward litigation or to be negotiated more amicably, an assessment of all assets and other issues must be made to cover all the bases. For instance, what should or should not be included in the marital estate in terms of property is important in any case to protect rights of the parties involved. But, even high asset divorce cases can settle without litigation.

Last year, WWE wrestler Randy Orton and his wife separated and Samantha Speno filed divorce papers in March to end the marriage. The two reportedly settled the issues amicably. Reports indicate that Ms. Speno with have sole legal and physical custody of the couple’s 4-year-old daughter. Orton, who reportedly makes more than $290,000 a month from WWE, will pay his ex-wife $4,500 in monthly child support under the settlement agreement.

The couple settled the property division issues over cars, bank accounts and other assets. Orton reportedly will keep a home in St. Louis, Missouri, while Ms. Speno will retain a separate home in the property settlement.

It is not clear what issues were involved or how negotiations were handled from media reports. However, the divorce appears to have been amicably resolved—even in light of the fact that the high asset divorce also involved a young child.

Source: Arizona Central, “WWE star Randy Orton divorces his wife,” July 12, 2013

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