Study: Money issues in marriage can cause stress, lead to divorce

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Several years ago, researchers at the University of Missouri found a link between low income families on government assistance and a higher divorce rate. But more recent research from one of our neighboring states suggests that money issues at any income level may be linked to marital stress, and the potential for a breakdown in the marriage relationship.

A study conducted at Kansas State University published in the journal Family Relations last year found that arguments over money during a marriage are generally more intense and last longer than other types of arguments between married people.

The study authors believe that assessing arguments about money during a marriage can be a predictor of whether the relationship will end in divorce. But, one of the co-authors thinks that money disputes may be a symptom of other, potentially deeper, issues in the marriage.

While the research seems to seek to discover potential reasons why couples choose to breakup, it does not address what issues may arise should the marriage head to divorce. Money and property division should be addressed in any divorce, regardless if the couple argued over money during the marriage.

But, Missouri law provides a framework for resolving these issues, and a divorce lawyer can help a divorcing spouse in understanding the legal framework that applies to better make sound decisions about the potential issues.

Divorces may not just be about money and the division of assets. Many divorces include other issues, including child custody, visitation and potentially support issues. Here too, legal counsel can assist a person in understanding the legal standards used in family court and the potential facts that may exist that may justify a departure from the general framework in a specific case.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorce Study: Financial Arguments Early In Relationship May Predict Divorce,” July 12, 2013-updated July 16, 2013