3 kids injured in accident at KC day care, but what happened?

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Conflicting stories are emerging about the car accident outside a Kansas City day care center Tuesday afternoon. What does not appear to be in dispute is that three children suffered personal injuries in the accident.

Two of the kids were taking a nap inside the day care when a Cadillac was hurled into the building around 1:00 in the afternoon. Police say that the two napping kids were trapped underneath the vehicle; a third child was injured but apparently not trapped by the car. Thankfully, all three children have been released from the hospital, but it is not clear the full extent and nature of the injuries that the kids sustained in the freak car accident.

Authorities say that a sport utility vehicle slammed into a Cadillac that was parked on the street. The SUV, a Range Rover, forced the Cadillac through a wall of the day care center, striking kids who should have been safe from traffic inside.

Sources are reporting that a man who claims to have been following behind the Range Rover says that he and the 74-year-old man in the SUV were fleeing from some kind of gunfire when the SUV slammed into the Cadillac. However, police say that no other witness, nor the driver of the Range Rover, mentioned gunfire on the day of the wreck.

One of the witnesses owns a business across the street from the day care. Police say the business person saw everything, but never spoke of gunfire when questioned in the car accident investigation, according to The Kansas City Star.

The man in the SUV told authorities that before the accident occurred, he believed that some other vehicle had pulled into traffic in front of him.

Conflicting reports may arise after many car accidents. But, the legal issues surrounding a wreck may be complex even when conflicting reports are not present, depending upon the circumstances. Liability issues alone can be complex. Legal counsel may be able to assist an accident victim in navigating through the legal complexities.

Source: The Kansas City Star, “Driver who caused day care center crash thought another car pulled in front of him,” Christine Vende, Aug. 1, 2013

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