After accident, Usher's ex seeks custody modification order

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People may generally understand that when two people go through divorce the court will issue an order finalizing the divorce. But, some may not understand that the divorce decree may not always bar changes to orders involving in the divorce if circumstances change down the road. In divorces involving children in Missouri, the initial divorce decree generally may provide important rulings and orders concerning child custody and support issues.

But, we all know that circumstances can change over time. One of the parents may decide to relocate, a person may lose a job or receive a promotion with a substantial increase income. The needs of a child (or the children) may change as the kids grow up. The issues of child custody, visitation or support may seem to change years after a divorce is finalized, and a parent may wish to seek a modification of one or more issues involving the best interests of the kids.

A recent frightening event has led to a potential renewed custody dispute between Usher Raymond and his ex-wife. Tameka Foster says that her ex—the R&B entertainer who is most commonly known by his first name, Usher—is away from home too frequently to properly care for the couple’s two children. The two previously battled over child custody.

Ms. Foster had made similar arguments, but is renewing the arguments based upon Usher’s commitments and a recent pool accident that sent the couple’s 5-year-old son to the hospital.

She is seeking a modification of child custody, arguing that Usher is on the road much of the time, leaving the kids under the care of others. Monday, the couple’s 5-year-old child was involved in an accident in a swimming pool, and foster says that the accident shows that the kids are not properly supervised under the current child custody arrangement. A hearing is scheduled for Friday on the motion for modification, according to CNN.

It is not clear how the family court will handle the issue—the custody battle will be determined in Atlanta. Generally for Missouri residents the lesson to learn from the celebrity custody battle is that in Missouri a substantial change in circumstances may allow a parent to seek modification of custody, visitation or support orders. Generally, substantial changes involve the kinds of issues that arise from changes that occur over time after a divorce has been finalized.

Source: CNN, “Usher’s ex-wife cites son’s pool mishap in custody bid,” Alan Duke, August 7, 2013

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