Wet roads suspected in northwest Missouri I-35 wreck

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The Missouri Highway Patrol believes that wet conditions may have been involved in an injury accident on Interstate 35 Wednesday morning in northwest Missouri. An Albany, Missouri, man lost control of his pickup truck around 7:30 Wednesday morning in Daviess County. Authorities believe the slick road may have started the ordeal. The pickup left the pavement from the southbound lanes of the interstate, rolled through the grassy median, and ultimately entered the northbound lanes heading in the wrong direction.

State Police say that the Chevrolet pickup slammed into the cab on the driver’s side of a northbound livestock truck. The Chevy apparently bounced off the Kenworth cab and stopped on northbound I-35.

The tractor trailer left the pavement and headed toward the southbound lanes, rolling over onto the interstate blocking all southbound traffic. The livestock truck was hauling pigs, which police say were ejected onto the interstate.

The 48-year-old driver of the truck escaped injury, according to Missouri State Police. The driver of the Chevy, however, required hospitalization after the motor-vehicle wreck and was taken to a hospital in Cameron, Missouri.

Road conditions can change at any time of the year in Missouri. The Driver Guide in Missouri says that rain can mix with debris and oil on the roads, causing a slick surface. Cars can slide on the greasy covering, and cars may also hydroplane on wet roads when water builds up. Drivers are cautioned to slow down in wet conditions due to the danger that wet pavement can create.

Source: My Cameron News, “Interstate 35 re-opens after accident,” Aug. 7, 2013

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