SUV sandwiched between 2 trucks on I-44 injures 5

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It is no secret that weather conditions in Missouri can bring difficulties on the road. Columbia area drivers may know that adverse weather conditions can erupt just about any time of the year. But, as we head through the winter months, ice, snow and other wintry conditions are more likely to be the issues. When you add in the fact that many different types of vehicles share the roads, multi-vehicle accidents can leave several people with injuries.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says that a sport utility vehicle with several people inside became sandwiched between two trucks on Interstate 44 Sunday morning. Winter weather was making road conditions troublesome, according to authorities. Law enforcement says that the driver of a Yukon changed lanes around 11:35 in the morning, pulling between two tractor trailers traveling in the same direction on the interstate.

The tractor trailer at the back of the line of vehicles struck the rear of the sport utility vehicle. That impact apparently forced the Yukon forward as the Yukon struck the lead vehicle. Four people in the SUV suffered what authorities say are minor injuries in the truck accident. However, a 16-year-old in the Yukon suffered more serious injuries. All of the victims were transported to a hospital in Lebanon, Missouri.

Law enforcement does not believe that either of the truck drivers was injured. Authorities say that everyone involved was wearing a seat belt.

Complete details about the crash have not been fully reported. Travel speeds and distances remain questions. Other contributing factors may be discovered during an accident investigation that may not be apparent during preliminary investigations.

Truck accidents can cause significant, and even fatal, injuries in any type of weather. When multiple rigs are involved in an accident the risk of injury can seem extremely high. Determining the complete details about an accident can be important in determining the rights of an accident victim.

Source: Waynesville Daily Guide, “5 injured from I-44 accident,” Mandy Matney, Jan. 6, 2014

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