Bad weather: Car accidents and more reported in Boone County

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Last week we discussed the apparent decrease in overall traffic accidents in Mid-Missouri in recent times. The story involved data complied throughout the year. People in Columbia, Missouri may understand that car accidents recorded over time may seem to differ greatly from the number of wrecks that may occur when weather turns bad.

As wave-after-wave of winter disturbances seem to be plaguing many parts of the country this year, Mid-Missouri is not immune from icy road conditions. Drivers may understand that winter weather can create treacherous road hazards– when icy conditions develop, car accidents are likely to follow.

Officials say that emergency responders were very busy after winter storms hit Mid-Missouri late last week. The winter weather and sleet that hit Mid-Missouri Friday is being associated with scores of motor vehicle accidents. In a two-hour time-period Friday evening around rush hour, officials say that around 100 car accidents were reported in Boone County. Most of the wrecks were relatively minor, according to battalion chiefs with the Columbia Fire Department and the Boone County fire district.

But, car accidents are not the only safety concern when icy weather rolls through the area. Columbia Public Works officials say that slip-and-fall accidents were an issue by Saturday morning. Emergency officials say that on Friday evening into Saturday, as many as 20 people called authorities for assistance related to a slip-and-fall accident on the ice.

As we move past Groundhog Day, actual forecasters are warning that in the near term, more wintry weather is likely for the area. Weather forecasters say that Tuesday could bring another bout of winter weather.

In general, drivers have a duty to drive with due care in light of the conditions at the time. Many driver s may do everything they can to maintain control while driving, but others may not. Some car accidents may not involve negligence at all, but negligence in any type of conditions may place many at greater risk for personal injury on Missouri roads.

Source: Columbia Daily Tribune, “Storm leaves blanket of ice across Mid-Missouri,” Alan Burdziak, Feb. 2, 2014

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