Head-on accident on Route 13 near Clinton, Missouri, claims three

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Highway accidents may occur in the blink of an eye. Determining what occurred can be an arduous process. People may understand that highway accidents can involve serious injuries, including fatal injuries. Victims and their families may be left with few answers in the immediate aftermath of a wreck.

A recent multi-car crash on Route 13 near Clinton, Missouri, claimed the lives of three people. Officials believe that a 19-year-old Springfield woman was driving on the highway in Henry County, Missouri, when she crossed over the center line. There, her car side-swiped another vehicle. The Missouri State Highway Patrol says the driver in the second car was not injured.

The events turned dire as the Springfield woman’s car continued down the road where it slammed head-on into a third vehicle. The Springfield woman’s car was forced into a roadside embankment and rolled onto its side. Three people lost their lives related to the second crash.

The Springfield woman was traveling with a passenger, a 20-year-old woman from St. Joseph. The two were students at the University of Central Missouri. The two women did not survive the highway accident. The driver of the third car that had been struck head on also perished in the wreck.

Crash reports covered in the news often report a few details about what may have happened based upon a preliminary investigation. When cars collide, there can be a vast number of details that may need to be analyzed.

Law enforcement may seek answers from witnesses, if any, and evidence available at the scene. In some cases, officials may attempt a reconstructive analysis of a crash, but an independent reconstruction of an accident scene may also provide information related to the cause and contributing factors of an accident.

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