Foristell, Missouri, man accused of dragging trooper in DWI stop

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A Foristell, Missouri, man is facing an assault charge related to an alleged drunk driving traffic stop in St. Charles. Assault on a government worker charges in Missouri are serious offenses. The statutes list a wide number of positions that may involve these similar types of alleged crimes, ranging from a law enforcement officer to utility workers or emergency personnel. Assault on a law enforcement officer is a felony level offense that can be added on top of other charges, like a Missouri DWI offense.

Authorities say that a Missouri State trooper sought to pull over a driver to investigate a potential drunk driving incident on Interstate 70. News reports do not indicate what led the trooper to suspect that the driver may have been impaired. Authorities believe that the driver pulled over; however, when the trooper approached the stopped car, authorities claim that the driver fled the scene in his vehicle.

The trooper apparently had become entangled with the car before the driver pulled away from the traffic stop. Police claim that the trooper was dragged for a few yards, resulting in road rash and scrape injuries. The trooper called in to report the incident and provided a description of the vehicle.

Police in St. Peters, Missouri, made a stop of a car a short-time later. The driver, a 42-year-old Foristell resident, was taken into custody on suspicion of felony assault on an officer and DWI charges. It is not clear what evidence police obtained related to the DWI allegations.

Source: Connect Mid-Missouri KRCG 13, “Driver hits, drags trooper on I-70,” Associated Press, June 19, 2014