Life coach lists signs that signal a failing marriage

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In an attempt to help couples address problems before their marriage fails, a life coach recently listed ten of the more common signs that a marriage is heading towards divorce.

A theme echoed through many of the signs was a lack of communication. According to the coach, there is a difference between forgetting to share information and intentionally keeping secrets. Intentionally hiding information from each other can be a red flag of bigger issues within the marriage.

Tied to a lack of communication is “tuning each other out.” Simply not caring about the presence of a spouse or what the spouse is saying is another sign of an unstable marriage.

In addition to communication issues, other red flags include a lack of intimacy and falling into the same argument pattern. Couples generally do best when intimacy is a part of the relationship. This refers to both the physical forms of intimacy and non-physical. The ability to bond with each as a unit is important. Taking the time to connect may help reduce the risk of a lack of intimacy leading to larger problems.

Repeating arguments is also a warning sign that should be taken seriously. Attempt to find a resolution to these problems instead of falling into the same fighting pattern.

Unfortunately, divorce may be inevitable even when these warning signs are noted and addressed. Those who find themselves in this situation are wise to seek the counsel of a divorce and family law attorney. This legal professional will work with you to guide you through the process and better ensure your interests are protected.

Source: Huffington Post, “10 Signs Your Marriage is Heading Toward Shipwreck,” Mari Lyles, July 16, 2014

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