Child custody agreements in Missouri are multi-faceted

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A custody agreement is rarely a cut and dry issue that never needs to be revisited by either party. Child custody agreements are often negotiated as to what the details of physical custody will be and also what the details of legal custody may be. Thereafter, it is not uncommon for a child custody agreement to be modified when Missouri parents need to make changes for various reasons.

Legal custody refers to whether a parent can make certain decisions regarding the child, regardless of where that child is on a given day. For example, legal custody rights allow for a parent to have a say in matters concerning a child’s education and religion. Health care decisions are also part of legal custody rights. Physical custody refers to the time a child is physically with a parent. Joint custody is the common outcome; however that is not always the case if significant time with one parent is not best for the child.

Modifications can occur years after a child custody agreement has been settled upon. If there is a significant change in the circumstances for one or both parents, a modification may be warranted. This can typically involve a parent relocating or remarrying.

The details of any child custody agreement can and will impact the parents and the child greatly. When a parent in Missouri is aware of the components of a child custody agreement and what circumstances may warrant revisiting that agreement, all parties can make more informed decisions. Our website has more information about how a custody agreement works and how we can help Missouri parents address the issues. 

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