Lack of child support payments leads to arrest warrant

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A former NFL player is being served with an arrest warrant. While players may find themselves in the news for all sorts of activities, both on and off the field, this time it is lack of child support payments that has led to Clint Session being back in the news. Missouri fans may remember that Session’s was a linebacker for both the Colts and Jaguars before leaving the league in 2011 due to concussions.

Session has a daughter. He was ordered to pay $6,917 a month in child support back in 2015, plus he owed almost $240,000 in past support and expenses. He apparently has not paid and is now hundreds of thousands of dollars in arrears. In fact, records indicate he owes over $381,000 for support of the child.

It was noted that the child has a number of medical issues, namely brain damage and cerebral palsy. Part of the money owed is for medical expenses. The former linebacker did have an $11.5 million contract with the Jaguars before leaving the sport.

When back due support is owed and medical expenses are part of the picture, the lack of support or struggle to keep up with payments can be distressing and overwhelming for all involved. Missouri parents who find themselves in similar situations may want to pursue modifications of child support orders. If warranted due to changing or extreme circumstances, a modification can help all parties do what is necessary for the good of the child and can help ensure fairness when child support is too much or too difficult for a struggling parent.

Source:, “Court: Ex-NFL player Clint Session owes $382K in child support for daughter“, Steven J. Gaither, May 9, 2016

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