Rear-end collisions: 2 cars and 4 bikes in crash on I-55

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Whenever multiple vehicles are involved in a car accident, determining who was at fault may be challenging. In many cases, such crashes occur when traffic slows down or comes to a standstill. Rear-end collisions on Missouri roads that are caused by distracted drivers — or drivers who follow too closely — can have devastating consequences.

This may have been what caused serious injuries to several people who were involved in a multi-car crash on Interstate 55 on a recent Sunday. Authorities reported that a 40-year-old woman driver of a car stopped on the roadway. The reason is not clear, but it might have been a hold-up in traffic. A 57-year-old driver of the vehicle behind her smashed into the rear of the woman’s car.

The force of the impact sent the woman’s car into four motorcyclists that were in front of her. The driver of the car that was rear-ended, along with two other individuals suffered serious injuries, and they were airlifted to a medical facility. An 8-year-old child — who shares the last name of the driver of the rear-ended car — was transported to a hospital along with two other injured victims.

According to the report, it appears the man who drove his car into the back of the woman’s car was the only one to walk away without injuries. In rear-end collisions, it is not uncommon for the drivers who smash into the rear of others to be deemed responsible. The injured victims in this crash may want to pursue financial relief by filing personal injury claims in a Missouri civil court against the driver who rear-ended the first vehicle. However, for the court to determine financial liability, the plaintiffs will have to establish negligence. Only then will the court consider monetary judgments to cover documented claims.

Source:, “4 people seriously injured in 6 vehicle accident near Caruthersville, MO“, Joshua Murray, May 30, 2016

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