New legal steps taken to deal with missed child support

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When a parent misses a court-ordered payment of support for a child, there are certain actions that may be taken by the other parent and by the state. While most non-custodial parents strive to make child support payments when those payments are due, any parent in Missouri in danger of falling behind may benefit by gaining an understanding of the available options to avoid potentially negative legal consequences. One state has recently decided to enact harsh consequences when a parent is significantly behind in support payments to the other parent.

While every state has laws in place to restrict, suspend or revoke a driver’s license when back due payments accumulate, one state will make it impossible for parents who owe at least six months of child support to register a car. This new measure will take effect in the fall. It will only affect parents who are six months behind in child support. 

Some are criticizing the new move to block vehicle registrations in Texas. They say it will only make it harder for a parent to earn the money needed for child support. Clearly, those who rely upon a vehicle for employment will find it necessary to confront the issue immediately.

There are an untold number of reasons a parent may fall behind in child support, including job loss or relocation to another area. In Missouri, if a parent endures unexpected or unavoidable financial hardships, that parent may consider seeking a formal modification to a support order. This can help that parent stay current with payments and avoid the negative consequences of repeatedly missed payments.

Source:, “Texas to block vehicle registration for parents behind on child support“, June 20, 2016

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