Pickup truck driver's alleged negligence sends 2 to hospital

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Crashes on Missouri roads are not at all uncommon. Car accidents are daily occurrences, and they can change the lives of injured victims in an instant. Unfortunately, in many cases, one driver’s negligence may cause a collision that causes life-altering injuries to others. Victims are entitled to seek recovery of damages.

On a recent Thursday morning, Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to an alert about an accident at an intersection of U.S. Highway 36 and a road in Lentner. An accident report indicates that a 52-year-old Hurdland man was southbound in his pickup truck on Route A. Authorities say the man reached the intersection with U.S. 36, and without yielding, he proceeded to cross the highway.

A 42-year-old driver of another pickup truck was traveling on U.S. 36, and he was going through the intersection at that time. The driver of the first truck smashed into the side of the other vehicle, causing it to roll over. It came to a halt on the center median. This driver was moderately injured, and an ambulance transported him to a hospital in Columbia. His 81-year-old passenger suffered more severe injuries, and a medical helicopter rushed him to the same hospital.

Victims of car accidents will likely be faced with unexpected expenses and other hardships during the difficult time that follows an accident, and having experienced personal injury attorneys on their sides may be a significant advantage. Lawyers can provide guidance and support throughout the process of filing claims against allegedly negligent drivers in Missouri civil court. An attorney can also help to establish negligence and pursue financial relief for financial and emotional damages on behalf of an injured victim.

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