Missouri Marital Fraud Lawyers

Do you believe that your spouse may be attempting to hide assets or commit marital fraud in order to gain a larger share of the assets during the property division phase of your divorce? At Harper, Evans, Wade & Netemeyer, we understand all of the tricks that people may use. Our lawyers know how to bring all assets into the light, to make certain they are assigned accurate values and to see that they are divided properly.

How Assets Are Hidden

Many attempts to hide assets are amateurish and easily detected. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our Missouri marital fraud attorneys always start by reviewing account statements and following transfers wherever they may go. In most cases, this allows us to uncover any attempts to hide assets by transferring them to friends or family members, or to offshore accounts. It will also reveal any large withdrawals that are unaccounted for.

Of course, there are asset-hiding schemes that are more sophisticated. We know how to spot those, too. Attempts to hide assets in businesses or to mask the value of complex assets like businesses themselves will be uncovered by our experienced team, with the help of investigators and experts on valuation as necessary.

Immediate Action Can Help

The best way to deal with attempts to hide assets is to see that they are avoided altogether. Get us involved as soon as possible so we can get court orders put in place to prevent accounts from being touched while the divorce is pending. We will protect you and your right to a fair division of property.

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