Motorcycle safety can increase by using safety gear, staying mindful of other road users and avoiding road hazards.

Some Missouri drivers may get wrapped up in their own thoughts, which can make it hard for them to share the road with other drivers, pedestrians and motorcyclists. This inability to watch for others plays a role in the 783 bicyclist, 5,172 motorcyclist and 5,977 pedestrian fatalities that take place over the course of a single year states the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Even though motorcycle traffic deaths have decreased by 3.1% from one year to another, there is still a significant need for drivers across the country to pay more attention to those on motorbikes.

Use the best gear

Motorcyclists should take an active role in their own safety. This starts with proper personal protective equipment. Helmets are often touted as the most important safety gear. According to the National Safety Council, 1,908 of the motorcyclists who died in traffic crashes were not wearing helmets. Riders should also consider wearing gloves, face shields, riding boots, jackets and pants because this equipment can provide extra protection should he or she need to bail off.

Be mindful of other road users

Motorcyclists need to drive defensively in order to stay safe. This means trying to anticipate the actions of people in larger vehicles. Some experts suggest bikers treat all other vehicles on the road as if the drivers do not see them. This mindset allows the motorbike operator to stay focused on what he or she may need to do to avoid a fatal crash.

Because the non-motorcycle is usually the one who causes a crash, it is important for vehicle operators to be extra mindful of a motorcyclist’s right of way. It is hard to know why people in cars or trucks fail to yield. However, it could simply be because the car driver does not see the motorcycle because of its smaller size. Bikers can easily get lost in a truck’s blind spot, which may lead the truck driver to cut off the rider without realizing it.

Anticipate road hazards

Cars and trucks can usually drive over potholes, puddles, gravel and manhole covers without worrying about losing control. Motorcycles, on the other hand, may need to avoid these obstacles, which means the drivers need to watch ahead and start making a plan if there is something potentially dangerous in their path. Anyone in a car and truck needs to give a motorcycle extra space to ensure the driver is able to avoid hazards.

There is a lot of variety when it comes to Missouri road users. Whether an accident involves cars, trucks, motorcycles or pedestrians, it may be beneficial to work with an attorney who is familiar with this type of personal injury case.