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March 2012 Archives

Latest ruling in 4 year child custody and father's rights dispute

Missouri residents might be interested in one father's quest to gain custody of his daughter. In a case that stretches over four years and two states this father is not giving up on his rights to gain full custody of his now four year old daughter. Two months after the Utah Supreme Court dismissed his case it reversed that decision and reinstated the case.

Equitable division of property and the value of military pensions

The division of property and assets in a divorce is never an easy process and when that property includes a military pension it can be quite a challenge to determine a fair asset value. As many Missouri military families may already know, military pensions are unique in that there is no minimum age in which a person can receive a pension.

Get involved with child's education to help your custody case

Missouri dads might want to know that the testimony provided by your child's teachers can have a profound impact on your child custody case, according to a recent report. Oftentimes the court calls teachers in to testify on issues regarding parental involvement in the educational aspects of their children's lives. In determining a father's rights in child custody and parenting time the judge will factor in whether or not a parent is involved in the child's school and participates in any educational decision making responsibilities.

Survey reports increase in use of text messages in divorce court

A recent survey conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers claims that more than 80 percent of their members reported a sharp increase in the use of text messaging as evidence in divorce cases over a three-year period. The advent of smartphones and text messaging in our everyday lives offers a quick, spur of the moment opportunity to express anger and resentment, messages that may come back to haunt us. Missouri residents should be aware that text messages can be used in a divorce proceeding.