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April 2012 Archives

Considering a divorce? What about your retirement account?

Are you considering a divorce and wondering what might happen to your retirement account? If this is you, you might want to become familiar with a QDRO. It is an acronym for a Qualified Domestic Relations Order. It is a court order that allows an alternate payee, such as a spouse, ex-spouse, child or some other dependent to collect money from your retirement account.

Missouri fathers could lose rights with new Senate bill - Part 2

Per our last post, in a new bill heading towards the Missouri Senate fathers must demonstrate consistent involvement with their child in order to protect their parental rights. Currently, in the state of Missouri a father only has 15 days from the day his child is born in which to file for paternity rights. But what if the father was never informed his girlfriend was even pregnant or has already given birth to the child, does he have any rights then?

Missouri fathers could lose rights with new Senate bill - Part 1

A six-year custody battle has resulted in a new bill going through the Missouri General Assembly and is currently on its way to the State Senate. The Missouri Supreme Court ruled on a child custody case involving an unmarried father who was waiting for the results of a DNA test before putting his name on the child's birth certificate. What many men may not know is that in the state of Missouri a father must officially declare paternity within 15 days of the birth if his child.

Could a $113 million divorce settlement be a mistake?

A final settlement was reached last year in the very public divorce between ex-Dodgers owners Frank and Jamie McCourt. In the settlement Jamie would receive a guaranteed $113 million in exchange for relinquishing her ownership interest in the Los Angeles Dodgers Major League Baseball team. The couple had owned the team since 2004. That settlement now has some wondering if it was a big mistake.